I may have bought it through Amazon, that online marketing behemoth. Or in a local pound store. I don’t know and I don’t care to remember. For there it sits, accusing me of compulsive shopping with every passing day it gathers dust and takes up space in the back of my kitchen cupboard.

My spiralizer.

Not just a gadget, you understand, but my passport to a better, slimmer, healthier life. Loved by fashionable vegans everywhere. With three blades included and capable of turning produce into pasta. Sold in a recyclable cardboard box and ‘BPA free’. How could I be without one?

Or so I thought. I seem to be managing fine without it. My kitchen knife is perfectly adequate for preparing vegetables and far less complicated to clean and store.

Is dentistry a spiralizer for your ideal patients? And how do you convince them otherwise?

First, understand the lifestyle and barriers to seeking dental care of your ideal patients. Attract and reassure your target audience with appropriate words and images throughout your website.

Style your team in suits or uniforms to project images of well groomed, smartly dressed, confident, friendly and successful health care professionals. Alongside portraits, enhance authority with their titles, qualifications and expertise. Then, add personal information and stories about your team to increase their likeability and help patients feel connected to, comfortable with and trusting of you and your practice.

Make your team into interesting and relevant human beings (yes, we are!). Use unexpected questions and statements to create mystery and engage reader curiosity. ‘Did you know, Dr [your name] supports [charity name]? Ask her why for a 10% discount on your first hygiene visit.’

Seek to find common ground at a shared level of understanding with your ideal patients. Parents will identify with, ‘Dr [your name]’s goal is for your child to reach adulthood with a beautifully straight, healthy white smile.’

Overcome concerns around the cost of dental care with persuasive offers. These can be as straightforward as advertising free toys or dental product samples with every child or adult visit. When we give something away, others feel prompted to return the favour, in this case with loyalty to our practice.

Offering highly priced treatments likely to be turned down, for example, implants, actually increases the likelihood of a smaller requests for more modestly priced services being accepted, a reciprocal concession. Conversely, start with small requests that are unlikely to be declined e.g. regular hygiene appointments. Agreeing to these requests makes it easier for long-standing patients to commit to larger, more complex treatment plans in the future.

Implying scarcity is another technique used to promote interest, for example, a time or availability limited offer; ‘Keep your sparkling smile brilliantly clean at home! Half-price electric toothbrushes on sale until stocks run out.’ Or, ‘Be dazzling! Don’t miss out on our 20% discount for Smile Whitening before Valentine’s Day.’

Other incentives include free consultations, interest free/low interest financing with easy terms, discounts for bulk purchases, loyalty discounts, money back guarantees, free repeat / in-between appointment / emergency consultations and ‘Practice Specials’.

Offers can be a ‘win-win’ means to generate interest in your practice and its services.

Speaking of winning… I have a gently used spiralizer (one only!) free for collection to the first lucky person to email me with their contact details at before midnight on February 28th 2018.

For all of us dentists and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I remain, writing for dentists, at your service.

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