I would love to take you to lunch. But it has to be Pizza Express. Or MacDonald’s.

Wait! Don’t go! Before you decide, I want to make it very clear that this is purely business and you don’t have to order or eat anything. We are just going to look at their menus. Unless you do want something to eat, of course.

But why would I take you window shopping to these particular retail chain dining outlets? To learn from their carefully crafted menus, dear colleagues and friends. How these organisations entice us into selecting their maximum three course plus sides and drinks highest profit foodstuffs is entirely relevant to how we nudge our patients toward accepting profit generating ‘mouthstuffs’ – our appropriately prescribed dental products and services.

How we present our services helps prompt uptake of our treatments. Notice how Pizza Express stylishly frame their offerings and how MacDonald’s showcase magnificent close-up images of their sauce dripping, brioche-style bun enclosed burgers alongside deliberately mouth-watering descriptions of their products. Much as you might frame and position beautifully rendered artistic masterpieces with captivating explanations of their provenance, biography, meaning and value to make sales in a gallery…

Combine your show stopping gallery of before and after treatment photographs, patient stories and testimonials (with written permission) with your services and fees on your website. Provide your patients with all the information they need to know about your services on one page to ease their decision-making process. Imagine ordering food from a restaurant menu with no pictures, descriptions, prices or recommendations. Or all of these on different pages. And what if the menu is in an unfamiliar language or you are dining alone or the waiter is too busy, ignorant or arrogant to answer your questions about the food you might choose to put in your mouth and body? Do you persist, or do you vote with your feet, get up and leave?

Carefully curate inspiring photographs and delectable descriptions of your stunning, life transforming services to encourage your patients to say ‘yes, please, I’ll have that’ to your treatment plans. Use the mandatory display of fees (listed in whole numbers and without currency symbols to help patients focus on your products before your prices) to build trust and loyalty. Prominently locate your most expensive ‘anchor’ items e.g. full mouth makeovers, alongside your more often prescribed, high profit, moderately priced items to enhance the value of both by comparison. Create tantalising high value discounted treatment packages to reward uptake of multiple services.

Whet your patients’ appetites with irresistible pictures, juicy words and promisingly positioned prices. Let your website SERVICES page justify and support your patients’ choices, referrals and recommendations. Make it easy for your patients to choose the best and most you have to offer.

For all of us dentists and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I remain, writing for dentists, at your service.

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