‘This is what you want, isn’t it,’ my father’s fiancee said, slamming her CV down in front of me.

She stormed off, leaving a three-page account of her life’s work in teaching and writing on the dining room table. I gazed at the document with shock, dismay and, yes, mild curiosity. Moments before this domestic fracas erupted, I had been asking her about herself. I wanted to learn more about her, share a bit about myself, perhaps, and begin to build a mutually trusting relationship. I heard the front door close – a bit too firmly? – as my father and his soon to be second wife left the house.

Ah, CV’s. The source of much information, esteem, opportunity and occasionally chagrin. Other than (hopefully) making you feel great about yourself, a professional CV showcases your qualifications, employment, skills, dental interests, specialties, achievements, and references.

Your website CV, however, requires more. This expanded CV is essential for creating personable and engaging website content, particularly in your profile on your ABOUT page. ‘People buy people not products’, and, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’, it is said. Your ABOUT page first and foremost explains what visitors get from your site – but then, current and prospective patients need to know your story in order to build a relationship with you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

Why did you become a dentist and why did you set up or join the practice where you currently work? What are your interests? Your favourite pastimes, books, movies, songs, artists, fashion designers, galleries, eateries, clubs, advertisements, cup finals, opinion leaders, sporting legends, social media platforms and apps/whatever of all times, where you live, how you live, where you come from and anything else grounding and relevant to you as a person is all grist for the website content mill.

Is there something surprising about yourself that you might share? Use it. Be as open, honest and authentic as you appropriately dare. Be a human that does dentistry rather than a dentist that may or may not be human.

My late father eventually married and later divorced his second wife. He went on to find love once again in the nursing home where he comfortably spent the remainder of his days. Unlike my challenging experience with his second wife, may your CV and its presentation build understanding, attachment and fruitful relationships. In the world of successful trust marketing, you and your patients deserve and depend on it.

For all of us dentists and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I remain, writing for dentists, at your service.

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