How has a business plan helped any business ever? Is it true that if you fail to plan you plan to fail?

I get it. When I opened my dental practice, I thought the only reason for a business plan was to impress the bank manager arranging my finance. The bank even provided a pro forma to fill in. Easy!

I opened the doors to my shiny new practice and settled in. Soon after, I was delighted to find I was expecting. After a complicated pregnancy and delivery, I was blessed with a bundle of hyperactive joy. I returned to work part time a month later. My original business plan with its star-studded vision of projected earnings never recovered.

Thankfully, I did. After two decades spent messily combining work and family life, my daughter is an independent adult. And during that time, I discovered ‘pocket-sized’ business plans. In single page format, they concentrate the mind on a business vision (goals), mission, (how the business is intended to improve clients’ lives), objectives (what needs to happen for the vision to be achieved), strategies (how the objectives will be reached) and action plan (what actions will be taken, by whom and by when).

In my Writing for Dentists business plan, my mission statement ‘your brand. new story’ is my most useful compass. It reminds me of my purpose and informs every aspect of my work. What is your mission? How do you stay motivated, in integrity and able to assess your progress?

Business plans are not just for bank managers, I’ve decided. Good business plans elegantly clarify our goals and how to achieve them. Their content informs all our branding and marketing that follows.

When in doubt, get your business plan out.

For all of us dentists and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I remain, writing for dentists, at your service.

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