Ever had the urge to reinvent the wheel? Supermarkets do. Occasionally, they take their lovely shop floor layouts, the ones that have been there, like forever, and mix it up a little, hoping to keep us consumers looking and impulse buying for longer. We find ourselves picking up specialty organic seeded bread at three times the price of our usual unadorned loaves because we get lost and discombobulated trying to find our regular long-life milk in its former aisle. Oh, that’s just me? Okaaay.

I do know people who move items in bookstores, placing Lance Armstrong biographies in fiction, for example, or rival football club memoirs in the medical section alongside texts on managing incurable diseases. Just for fun, you understand. And it was only that once. Or twice, maybe.

But if you play with category conventions on your website, will your patients be amused, stay longer and be more likely to contact you and buy from you?

Probably not. Too much messing with the traditional ‘Home, About, Services, Gallery, Testimonials and Contact’ formula might be intended as an attention-grabbing diversion but is unlikely to win you patients and influence people. When it comes to websites, familiarity breeds warm cosy feelings of consistency and safe attachment.

For prospective patients hoping to find out more about a particular dentist, disruptive website design may only irritate and alienate them. Website structure, layout, sequencing, naming and categorising is one area in which it pays to be staid. Our predictable websites, the marketing wheels that keep our businesses moving, are perfectly okay just as they are.

For all of us dentists and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I remain, writing for dentists, at your service.

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