How my adolescent thieving supported my reading and writing – and how it benefits you, your patients and your prosperity.


Aged twelve, I would walk casually into local newsagents, sneak between aisles and read the latest copy of ‘Sixteen’ magazine from cover to cover. I would replace it on the racks, then leave. Without paying a penny. Every week. Again and again. This was in the days before CCTV and signs saying ‘No school children’ curbed the criminal behaviour of reading addicts and miscreants like me.


But why did I enjoy reading ‘Sixteen’ with all its beauty, fashion and tweenie relationship advice? Surely it was meant for older girls? A clue in the name perhaps? Was I still reading it when I was sixteen? No, I had moved onto my mother’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazines by then. I like to think I was precocious, but with hindsight, a simpler explanation stands out.


‘Shoplifting’ magazines purportedly aimed at older girls was my first consumer experience of aspirational marketing – an attempt by a seller to encourage buying behaviour, not on the basis of how I actually was but on how I wanted to be. And I wanted to be like those girls in ‘Sixteen’. It has yet to happen; I never have and never will be skinny, blonde, blue eyed or tanned.


Thankfully, my unbounded reading has since grown into a magnificent desire to write for dentists, bless us one and all. Through my words I inject (sorry) humanity into healthcare. I write so your ideal patients, who aspire to be looked after by a certain kind of dentist (that would be you) can find you. And so they can know you, trust you and ultimately buy from you with more honesty, confidence and success than I had trying to be a 1970’s cover girl.
Giving up my life of crime is not easy. To this day I find it hard to go into book shops without reading whole books in one sitting. Some book shops offer comfy chairs which make it even harder to try and buy rather than read and run. So, as a tribute and amends to all those who support my reprobate reading, I will give back through my blogs. I will share the secrets of wonderful writing to help you reach your ideal patients and make your work rich and rewarding.


For all of us dentists, and for our very patient patients who read what we write and need what we offer, I am writing for dentists, at your service.


With my very best wishes,




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